Unknown to Allison, Karma Kids NH has been years in the making. An educator for her entire career, Allison has taught many grade levels and abilities. Her career as an educator has included elementary education, special education, case management, and secondary education.  

Prior to her career as a teacher, Allison began her own yoga practice during college and witnessed firsthand its healing benefits. Always wanting to share the gift of yoga, she focused on her own practice while waiting for the right time. Always looking for ways to support kids and families, she began leading workshops focused around stress, anxiety, and the power of meditation.

Her time to share yoga came when she trained to be a kids yoga instructor with Sangha Relations in Keene, NH. Being surrounded by fellow yogis, many also in the field of education, inspired her to move forward with her dream to bring yoga to others.

The vision was complete once Allison became a parent herself. Seeing the obstacles and emotions from the perspective of a teacher and also as a parent strengthened her desire to bring yoga and meditation to children and families. It is her hope that through this work, she can assist families in connecting deeper with themselves, with each other, and in the world. 

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